Lotus Pond is one of the many attractions in Kaoshiung City that is free. It is a popular stop for tourists because of its attractive temples and stunning pagodas. 


There are several ways to get to Lotus Pond. You can check Google map, ask a local or just follow your heart. Hahaha. But here’s how we made it there! 

From Formosa Boulevard Station, board the train going to Gangshan South (red line) and get off at Ecological District Station (that’s about 5 stops). Then go out at Exit 1 and turn right where the bus stop is located. Take the Bus 51 and alight at the Lotus Pond. Take note that Bus 51 comes every hour. Make sure to check the schedule so that you wont miss it and wait forever like we did. Hahaha.

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda

This is the first stop and probably the most popular. It is said that you should enter through the dragon’s mouth and exit at the tiger’s mouth to turn bad luck into good fortune. I am no Chinese but for the sake of good fortune, I followed. Lol. 

In the opposite side of Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, you will find the Ciji Palace. Unfortunately, we can’t enter the place because it’s closed but we managed to take some pictures of its facade and magnificence. Also, just in front of it, you can buy some souvenirs for your demanding relatives and officemates. Hehe.

Spring and Autumn Pavilion

This is located not so far way from Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. You can walk your way up here in just 2 minutes and 41 seconds. Hahaha. This is definitely one of the best pavilions I’ve seen in Kaoshiung. It is very preeeetty! Picture perfect!

Right in front of the Spring and Autum Pavilion is another temple called Qiming Court. Told ya, Lotus Pond has a loooooot of temples.. and they’re all stunning!

Pei Chi Pavilion

This is the final stop of the Lotus Pond series. I think that there’s no other dramatic finale than meeting the Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven, Xuantian Shan Di! Hahaha. There’s just no way you can miss this gigantic statue! 

Some tips before going to Lotus Pond:

1. Wear your most comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking.

2. And a lot of walking means, a lot of water your body is needing. So bring water or something to drink.

3. If you are visiting on a super hot season like us, you will need sun protections! Umbrella, hat, sun glasses and sunscreens are your friends.

4. Pay respect to the Gods and the worship places.

5. Lastly, bring a cool and fun travelbuddy/photographer, like my mermaid friend Daisy below!

Overall, I really enjoyed Lotus Pond. And I do hope you will too! 


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