Trampoline Park | PH Weekends

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to visit Trampoline Park Manila. Tbh, I was really scared on my first few minutes inside because [1] I have zero experience on jumping into trampolines ever, [2] I might break my bones and [3] fall head first. HAHAHA! But it was really fun! It’s the best way to let loose and feel like a kid again (and look like a kid, that jumper was worn on purpose hahaha). 

Anyway, you can visit Trampoline Park – Zero Gravity Zone’s website and chekcout their rates and other details. I believe their rates are cheaper on weekends. But, I got my ticket on sale (read: 50% off) at Metro Deal! Haha!

So here are my photos, ladies and gentlemen! It looked like I really had fun.. because I really did! 

Please don’t worry, I haven’t broken a single bone! HAHAHA! 


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